Transgenerational Trauma Of The Aids Epidemic

Tuesday 11th May 2021

The gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people lost to AIDS are our history: they might have been our friends, mentors, lovers or even family. They might have been there as we struggled with shame and self-loathing growing up, and might have been able to let us understand that we aren't alone or abnormal.

Gay men may no longer be dying of AIDS — we know how to prevent and manage HIV infection — but the psychological scars of the epidemic are still with us. We need to start having honest conversations about them.

If we look through the lens of a community that has been fractured, stigmatized and traumatized by the AIDS epidemic - a community who have been taught that sex is dangerous.

It would make sense that they would use a drug such has methamphetamine to increase their confidence and reduce the shame and fear that has been transferred onto them throughout history.

This is the perfect temporary remedy for survivors' guilt or transgenerational trauma, until it stops working and it becomes the perfect storm of destruction in a person's life, where the outcome can mean losing everything including life its self,