Residential Treatment At Twin Rivers Rehab

Mike now works in association with the twin rivers rehab in south Africa if residential treatment is required *

What Makes Twin Rivers Unique?

Twin Rivers is located in a peaceful seaside town that is surrounded by National Parks-mountain ranges and award-winning beaches. Our treatment approach addresses addiction and mental health disorders simultaneously giving all clients an opportunity to start changing destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour as well as learn how to embrace their own uniqueness.

Individualised Treatment Approach

Many of our clients attend Twin Rivers for similar reasons such as addiction and mental health concerns and yet each clients psychological/medical needs can vary widely making it essential for Twin Rivers staff to develop and adhere to individualised treatment plans.

()"Being part if the LGBTQ community can make it difficult to find a treatment centre that will accept you truly for who you are, but the support and true acceptance I received whilst in treatment at Twin Rivers was something I had never felt before. Without David and his team I most definitely would not have come out of the grips of my addiction, not to mention the rest! 6 years later I can honestly say that Twin Rivers is a safe place for healing for everyone from all walks of life.()

*David Briskham & team our welcoming the LGBTQ community to "Twin Rivers" rehab for quality affordable trauma informed Addiction and mental health treatment.
Mike & David both agree that because of the devastating effect the pandemic has had on addiction and mental health it has created an opportunity for them to
collaborate and design a 'seamless' recovery programme for members of the LGBTQ community .A person's sexuality should in no way obstruct their rights in receiving residential treatment related to addiction and mental health.*

*Mike & David are both qualified and experienced therapists who are driven to help those who are 'lost' and suffering with a Dual Diagnosis, in particular LGBTQ
clients who have experienced repeatedly poor responses from those who do not appreciate their uniqueness which in turn can impose on that person's ability to ask
for help!*

Common addiction and psychological or emotional disorders among the LGBTQ community:

Alcohol and substance misuse dependency
Chemsex dependency amongst gay and bisexual men (MSM)
Major depression.
Generalized anxiety disorder.
High levels of stress.
Suicide attempts or self-harming tendencies.
Compulsive sexual behaviour.
Sexual dysfunction.
Sex or HIV-related anxiety.
Sexual abuse or assault

As the desperate need for professional-affordable treatment has INCREASED

The ability for clients to be able to afford residential care has DECREASED.

Millions of people travel to South Africa for Medical & Psychological Treatment every year.

Not because of the great weather and beautiful scenery ,It is because the high standard of care and the savings are simply impossible to ignore.

Twin Rivers Rehab

LGBTQIA Friendly Mental Health & Addiction Treatment