Chemsex Counselling

*Chemsex Support*

What is ChemSex

Chemsex is a word that defines sexual activity under the influence of a specific stimulant, recreational drugs. ChemSex generally refers to the use of any form of drugs such as crystal methamphetamine, mephedrone, and /or GHB/GBL by men who engage in sexual activity with other men (MSM) before or during sex.

When people turn to drugs or alcohol it's usually a means of experiencing false confidence, helping them to reduce their social anxieties as well as their anxieties around sex. Mike Power has over 9 years worth of experience as a professional counsellor, specialising in the ChemSex field and has worked with the very best professionals in the same field. You can feel confident that with his knowledge and experience he will support you in your road to recovery.

*Chemsex Support*

Going Sober

Taking the step towards sobriety can be a difficult challenge, which Mike understands; there is the whole pressure of becoming the 'party pooper.' Throughout his experience of counselling in this area Mike has found from his clients that they feel that finding other gay men wanting sober sex these days feels like it's becoming an almost alien concept, which of course can make turning sober an even tougher mountain to climb, but it's not impossible

When taking the path towards sobriety it can simply start by rewriting the rules about the choices that you make when it comes to sex. It can help to ask yourself questions such as, 'where am I with my relationship to myself?' and 'what does intimacy mean to me?' Deleting apps may come across as a bit drastic but it may help support you in your new journey and each individual is different. For those choosing sobriety, Michael feels that they need to know that although they may experience slip ups, the most important thing is to not be too harsh on themselves and give themselves. Forgive yourself, then pick yourself up and get back on the wheel of recovery if that is what you choose to do. Otherwise seek further assistance and support to help uncover what is re-triggering your use